All Upcoming Events at The Center SF

We host a great variety of events at The Center SF. Below you can read more about our bigger upcoming ones. If you would like to host your event in our magical space, please contact


The Vedic Path - Open Group Meditation/Dharma Talk | June 27 | 7-9PM | Donation Based

Come join this month on the Vedic Path as we gather to socialize, sip some tea and enjoy a deep, grounding group meditation before diving into a robust discussion at the intersection meditation and life.

This is a monthly community gathering open to all who wish to deepen their experience and understanding of life. All silent forms of meditation are welcome. If you don't yet mediate you will be given a simple, effortless technique to use during the session.

Sound & Cacao Alchemy | June 29 | 7-10PM | $25

Join us for an intimate evening of sharing our hearts and voices through sacred sound and ceremonial cacao. Together, we will co-create a safe space of healing and transformation, in which we can release blockages, reclaim our power, and shift our frequencies, coming into resonance with our natural state. 

MAGGIE TAURICK is a yogini, designer, and carrier of sacred sound. She has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and has combined her background in graphic design with her passions for music, yoga, and transformation.

GABRIEL GOLD is internationally renowned as both a sound healer and composer of music for film, ballet and yoga; having performed at Chartres Cathedral in France, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, CA and co-headlined the 2015 International Sound Healing Conference to name a few. 

Drum Journey with Phillip Scott from Ancestral Voice | June 30 | 7-9PM | Donation Based

Shamanism is the most ancient Path known and traversed by humanity for the acquisition of wisdom, knowledge and healing for one's community, nation, planet and self. Via the vehicles of Indigenous song, movement, prayer and music, we journey to and explore landscapes and Sacred geographies that traditional peoples from diverse cultures have frequented for millennia. Undertaken with specific intent and purpose, we encounter and acquaint ourselves with the Spirits and powerful denizens of these realms- our Allies, Benefactors and Guardians - to learn and partake of the Medicine they have to offer. It is an experience steeped in Spirit, Mystery and Magic.

Thai N' Fly - Rainbow Edition with Chelsea Kirby | July 7 | 7-10PM | $17-$27

Craving some therapeutic flying? Ready to learn a new thai & fly sequence? We are creating a new kind of weekend night experience. Ambient lighting, chill-out music and good vibes all around, as well as a full service Gong-Fu tea house for our sipping pleasure!

Arrive at 7pm to join for an all levels candle-lit therapeutic acroyoga & Thai massage class then stay for the therapeutic flying and bodywork exchange jam time! This is the perfect place to come if you want to spend your Friday night feeling amazing, learning something new and connecting with some incredible people. Your body and brain will thank you. Jam will go late, arrive anytime! Essential oils and massage lotions welcome.

We are so excited to have the amazing musician and yoga teacher, Chelsea Kirby back in the house! Also welcoming special guest, Ben Murphy who comes all the way from Portland, to lead us in a unique massage/bodywork class. Acro bliss served up by the incredible acroyogi, teacher and love guru, Zach Beach. This is going to be a very special night.

July Therapeutic Yin.jpg

Therapeutic Yin Workshop Series | July 8 | 9AM–10:30AM | $30

Join Leigh Stewart and Alex Blefari for an 8 part morning workshop series to rejuvenate the body's systems through yin postures, hot stones, aromatherapy and guided meditation. Each Saturday, we will explore a different system of the body (reproductive, immune, excretory, nervous, endocrine, skeletal, muscular, and integumentary) with accompanying essential oils and yin postures to promote health, balance and harmony within the body. 

January: Create | February: Support | March: Eliminate | April: Calm | May: Balance | June: Move | July: Strengthen | August: Protect

The Cock Project | July 9 | 6:30–10PM | $25

This Cock Project™ is a beautiful process for exploring, owning, and healing parts of ourselves that - for many of us - have been associated with shame, trauma, or shadow at some point during our lives. Dr. HazelGrace's methodology for holding this space and guiding this exploration is inspiring, and creates a safe and loving container to be vulnerable and open about these hidden parts, and to witness and be witnessed by others.

Individuals who identify as having a penis, you are invited to share about your sexuality and genitals... both growing up and now. 
People across the gender spectrum, who desire to hold space, you are invited to compassionately witness and listen. Individuals who have had a cock, are intersex or have ambiguous genitals are also welcome to share their stories. We acknowledge that *revealing* is not how many people normally operate. We want to offer you a safe space to be able to do so. PLEASE come participate in supporting you, other cock owners, and those witnessing you. 

Introduction to Diamond Way Buddhist Meditation | July 10 | 8-10PM | Free

This introduction is offered by Diamond Way Buddhist Center San Francisco which belongs to an international network of over 650 lay Buddhist centers of the Karma Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism. Diamond Way Buddhism provides easy access to authentic Buddhist teachings and meditations for use in contemporary life.

The program on Mondays begins with a short introduction to Diamond Way Buddhism followed by a guided meditation “Guru Yoga on the 16th Karmapa” and Q & A session.

Guru Yoga meditation is the most direct way to recognize the true nature of one's mind and is especially treasured by the Karma Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism.


Living Your Awakening in Every Moment - A Talk & Music | July 12 | 7-9PM | $20

Join Amoda Maa, spiritual teacher and author, as she invites you to discover authentic freedom by becoming fully awake and fully human in the midst of everyday life. In this talk she provides pointers to truth about the process of awakening and its embodiment from mind to heart to belly. Amoda’s teachings are both timeless and refreshingly modern, free from tradition and dogma, and arising out of direct experience of awakened consciousness.

There will be time for Guided Meditation and Questions & Answers. Signed copies of Amoda’s new book Embodied Enlightenment will also be available.

The talk will be accompanied by live guitar music from Kavi Jezzie Hockaday.

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Live Music & Open Jam with Barely Jazz Ensemble | July 13 | 7:30-10PM | Suggested Donation: $10-$20

Barely Jazz Ensemble (Julian Kucera - Guitar, Sandor Moss - Drums, Joe Churchill - Percussion, Joan Torres - Bass) will host an open jam night. Show up early to sign your name for the open jam to join in, or come to enjoy the music. 

The quartet will perform a brief set before opening up for people to join in. Bring your guitar, bass, or horn. Amps and drums will be provided. All genres and all skill levels are welcome! 

Please come with the energy and intention to share and hang out with other musicians. Every 2nd Thursday of the month! 


SBL Method: Ceremonial Dance Jam, Live DJ & Sound Healing Bath  | July 14 | 7:30-9:30PM

Join us for our Inaugural SF edition of the Strong Body Love Method - a sacred evening of movement, music and celebration to ignite your senses and replenish your SOUL.

The Strong Body Love Method is a 4-step movement ritual fusing meditation, yoga, guided free-form dance through the chakras, and a sacred sound-healing bath – all set to our LIVE DJ’s sweet beats. Through the transformative movement practice, you'll cultivate a deeper sense of LOVE, embodiment, confidence and creative expression within.

Led and Created by Leadership Coach/Dance Educator Ashley Burnett - Featuring DJ Maya Dorn and Sound Healer Lucia Lilikoi Music.

Fascia Alchemy: Moving Beyond Our Patterns | July 15 | 2-5PM | $30

How our bodies are shaped reflects of all the positions we have put ourselves into throughout our lives as well as the thoughts we think moment by moment. It’s an intricate dance revealing the relationship between our bodies and minds, which at first seem mysterious until we can see the patterns. Fascia, the collagenous web, that links our movements, our posture and our belief systems can be reorganized through an understanding of these patterns, or energy pathways.

In this class we will first explore the natural alignments, that can be found through stretching the fascial with care while activating energy flow. These “stretches” will directly support any yoga practice while encouraging healthful re-patterning of movement as well as our mind. Then we will break out finding the natural rebound that allows us to activate and sync our body as well as our emotions through moving in natural organic poses to discover your true source of power. This combination of body awareness and expression are the two of the strongest ways to change your posture as well as how you think.


Sound Healing Journey with The Murmurations Duo | July 15 | 7-8:30PM | $25

Suellen Primost and Jérémy Marais from The Murmurations Duo are inviting you to press the pause button in your busy life and dive into music and sounds.

The music we play is improvised, in the moment, guided by the subtle presence of each participant and the Universe. Like starlings birds, we are closely following and supporting one another. We go on a journey, diving into the unknown, discovering the music as it unfolds, with the intention to allow the music to comfort, relax, inspire, energize and bring healing to the body and mind of our listeners. Bathe yourself in waves of divine sound from cello, voice, clarinet, saxophone, frame drum, chimes and Tibetan bells.

August Therapeutic Yin.jpg

Therapeutic Yin Workshop Series | August 5 | 9AM–10:30AM | $30

Join Leigh Stewart and Alex Blefari for an 8 part morning workshop series to rejuvenate the body's systems through yin postures, hot stones, aromatherapy and guided meditation. Each Saturday, we will explore a different system of the body (reproductive, immune, excretory, nervous, endocrine, skeletal, muscular, and integumentary) with accompanying essential oils and yin postures to promote health, balance and harmony within the body. 

January: Create | February: Support | March: Eliminate | April: Calm | May: Balance | June: Move | July: Strengthen | August: Protect


Root of Treatment in Tibetan Medicine | August 12-13 | 9AM–5PM

Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) is one of the oldest healing traditions in existence, yet it remains fully alive in the modern world. It offers a vast medical knowledge that is accessible to everyone, and supports the cultivation of a happy mind along with a healthy body.

In this workshop, we will study the fundamental principles of TTM treatment presented in the Root Tantra. We will learn how TTM therapies encourage the maintenance of health while also offering techniques to relieve symptoms and to cure the root of disease. We will explore TTM’s many approaches to treatment, including diet and lifestyle regimens, natural and herbal medicines, and external therapies, each according to the three nyepa. We will also consider how TTM treatment options compare and contrast with those offered by modern medicine.


Create A Conscious, Loving, Passionate and Transformational Relationships | August 26 | 2:30–5:30PM | $35

Are you ready to cultivate a relationship that is transformational, self aware and deeply loving? Would you like to break free of past patterns of destructive relationships and at times sabotaging behavior? If you have answered yes to one or both of these questions then this mini retreat is for you!

We will show you how to identify, create awareness and transform old relationship patterns and limiting belief systems that have kept you from experiencing the full expression of awakened love. We will shed light on how each of us have many parts to our personality and how conflict of these parts can affect relationships and how to transform them. This will include some brief inner child or wounded child aspect work. Discover a deep and powerful new paradigm of love, by tapping into and connecting to your highest, truest version of yourself. Discover the 5 qualities of a conscious relationship and how to utilize the powers of your subconscious mind and Mindfulness to manifest this. 


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