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Visions + Dreams

Yoga. Art. Visualization. Open your body, heart + mind to envision the life of your dreams through movement, meditation, and art creation. 

Ticket includes:

  • 1 hour Yoga Flow
  • 30 minute Guided Visualization 
  • Dream Catcher supplies + instructions
  • Dream Ceremony
  • Tea + snacks

Life is ours to create. In this workshop you will focus on one dream that you want to bring to life -- a business, a piece of art, a project to help others, or anything else that drives your most authentic passion.

A one hour yoga flow led by yoga instructor Maggie McCloud will begin to move energy throughout your body. Heart-opening poses will help you connect deeply with yourself and your dream. The yoga practice will prepare your body and mind for meditation, allowing you to sit in stillness and hear the quiet voice inside. A guided visualization using thought-provoking questions and visualization techniques will allow you the space to focus and feel into the experience of your dream coming to life.

Following the movement and new awareness, artist Hannah Natali will guide you in creating your own dream catcher infused with the intentions you create in the workshop. She will use her creative expertise to help you create something that is a true reflection of yourself. Hannah is creating a Rising Phoenix altar installation in the space, representing death of the old, and birth of new. She will also have an exhibit of paintings hanging in the tea house for the month to follow. While you are adorning your dream catcher with crystals, beads, or natural artifacts, Maggie will guide guests one by one through a Transformational Dream Ceremony, allowing you to release something you no longer need and to cultivate something that you desire. 

January is a potent time for resetting. As the winter solstice passes and we move towards longer days and more light in Spring, this is a powerful time to re-evaluate, set goals, and focus on our most authentic purposes. When we align with how we can best serve all life through our existence on this planet, we are rewarded in unimaginable ways.

Earlier Event: December 31
Closed for the Holidays
Later Event: January 15
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