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Body & Soul

"Elevate your vibe. Meet your tribe."

Are you craving a place to feel free and connect to your body, soul... and a community of like-minded women?

Then you belong here. 

Body & Soul is an inclusive and enlivening experience for you if you want to:

- live a healthier, more holistic or conscious lifestyle
- feel comfortable and confident in your body
- feel free to express yourself
- feel more connected to your femininity
- connect to a group of women who will raise you up

In this class, you will learn how to exude a magnetic feminine presence through yoga, meditation, sensual dance and women's circle elements. 

You will get a chance to explore your body from the inside-out. This is about feeling good... damn good. 

The modern, sensual and enlivening music will help to wake up the part of you that is craving to feel expressed and alive in your body. You will learn new ways of moving to help you embody confidence and trust your intuition.

We will open and close with an intimate women's circle, group discussion and time for connection. The guided conversation will give you a safe space to be yourself and be heard. 

You will leave feeling liberated, fulfilled and empowered with a new friends you can call sisters.

( Your dream movement class has finally come true! )

Note: You don't need prior yoga/dance/circle experience to attend.
Come join us!