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Divine Feminine Rising Ceremony


We are now the proud bridge between the old way of embodying either the masculine or feminine essence to get what we want or to be "equal" and the new way of bringing both the masculine and feminine essences within us to balance and harmony so that we are the expression of Divine Love and Clarity. 

She, the Goddess within you, is no longer afraid to admit that her highest pleasure is to be the space of Love for everyone and everything. She remembers herself as a child and the love she gave unconditionally. Her Love is her strength when it is sourced from her deepest clear knowing. It makes her a force to be reckoned with. She is no longer afraid to know that she is Love, she is Loved and that her nature is Love beyond fear of giving. She roots herself in her inner silence for clarity on how to navigate from the clarity and boundaries she needs. She is no longer afraid of her independence, growing into her gifts and finding and speaking her voice and truth in clarity. 

Later Event: December 3
Therapeutic Yin Workshop