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If you've been waiting for a chance to learn or deepen your practice (all levels welcome!) with floating, gliding, flying into arm balances, this is the workshop for you.

Sometimes, the most powerful shifts in our practice on the mat happen when you realize you can do something you didn't think was doable. You tap into the power of your mind's potential over what you thought you were physically capable of, and find yourself in a whole new realm of possibility.
And when you surprise yourself - you feel a sense of accomplishment, optimism and gratefulness that flows into other facets of your life!

This workshop focuses on pranayama breathing exercises and short meditation, then on to strengthening sequences and exercises to create muscle memory that will help you transition into a number of creative and challenging arm balances.
With conscious muscular engagement combined with fluid movement, a little bit of shoulder / core / hip awareness and a sense of humor you will be floating into arm balances including (but not limited to): 

-Flying pigeon (eka pada galavasana)
-Sage Koundinya pose (eka pada koundinyasana b)
-Eight angle pose (astavakrasana)
-Crow pose (bakasana)

By anatomically breaking down the form and alignment, we'll make these poses fun and accessible!
All this and more while remembering that there is no deadline or reward for achieving any pose - embrace the journey (rather than destination) and you'll be floating before you know it!

Tickets are $35.

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