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Transformational Breathwork with Alex Rosan

Participants lay on their backs for 1.5-2 hours to a designed soundtrack that helps control the pace of breath, which induces a trance like state, entering into the other brainwaves of the mind. Eventually people will begin to have an intensified experience through sensation, visions, memories, and can tap into a collective consciousness. There are multiple facilitators in the room helping to hold space for people, and keeping the room grounded, and feeling safe. After the breathwork there will be time set aside to integrate, and share experiences for those who feel called to share. The outcome of this workshop varies. People can have breakthroughs to improve the state of their own mind, bodies, and lives overall. Many have old traumas surface, and are given the opportunity to let it out of their bodies. Others have heightened sensory experiences, and feelings of ecstasy. Still, others have spiritually inclined experience, including accessing their authentic selves, and tapping into collective consciousness. The list goes on and I encourage you to give it a try, and see for yourself!