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Sound Healing Journey with Sam Jackson and Gabriel Gold

The event will start with a short group vocalization and some basic breath work to help set the space communally, immediately followed by the meditative Sound Healing Journey. During the Sound Healing Journey the audience will lay down to be carried into a deeply relaxing, trance-like journey through both, "the deep joys and sorrows of the soul" by Gabriel’s voice, the immersive sounds of Hang/Halo Handpans, Crystal Singing Bowls and a selection of exotic musical instruments with immersive, healing qualities. The outcome of such journeys is often a feeling of physical and mental relaxation, rejuvenated emotional vigor, lightness, open heart and inspiration towards ones calling/next step forward in life.

We ask participants to bring a mat or a blanket to lie on (limited props will be available), wear comfortable clothes, bring some water, and an open heart.