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Women's Empowerment in Money and Business

Caitlin D’Aprano, a women’s empowerment teacher, CEO and Founder, presents Women’s Empowerment in Money and Business. 

Would you like to know how to start your own business?

Would you like to have the confidence to start your own business?

Would you like to create a big vision for the direction of your business?

Would you like to learn the art of sales and negotiation?

Would you like to set a vision for where you want to be with your personal finances? 

You may believe that you need to have an MBA to start a business, but you absolutely don’t. Caitlin came from a family full of successful entrepreneurs and she is here to say: none of them even finished their high school education. Entrepreneurship is all about solving a consumer problem, resourcefulness, seeing opportunities, being proactive, making sales and creative problem solving.

Women-owned businesses only constitutes 7% of business earnings in the United States. Caitlin wants to change that and help create more women entrepreneurs.

You can read more about Caitlin D'Aprano at: