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Dance Trance Meditation “Spring Awakening”

Come ready to move, release and become entranced by the spiritual atmosphere designed to re-root and uplift your spirit self and sense of connection to the universe. In the beginning, there was the primordial vibration, also called the AUM or Nāda which sparked the manifestation of all creation including us. Our intention with Dance Trance Meditation is to return to that sacred sound and explore its power to connect and create oneness through fluid, healing energy. 

Prepare to embark on a multi-sensory sound journey that takes you around the world and into space through a fusion of sound healing, ecstatic dance and live-tronic performance. Immerse yourself with the diverse mix of global bass music (uptempo and downtempo), world rhythms, spiritual/indigenous traditions and synchronized live-tronic soundscapes accompanied by acoustic instruments and voice. The vast array of organic vibrations will include didgeridoo, djembe, singing bowls, native american flute, shamanic drum/rattle, pan-pipes, guitar, overtone signing, raga melodies, mantras and sacred chants from many different cultures.