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With One Voice Documentary Screening & Community Discussion

With One Voice explores the unity of humanity, featuring fourteen different spiritual traditions to share their perspectives on the unifying truth that transcends all religions. These spiritual teachers address profound questions about life and love, the existence of God, the path to spiritual awakening and the way to true peace in the world.

So let’s get together all cozied up over a cup of tea and delicious homemade popcorn and get an insight of what people of varied religious backgrounds have in common and how they find their inner peace. Are we living up to our true potential throughout the day or are we just finding ourselves in the habit of doing something spiritual for an hour a day and then slipping back to our more selfish pursuits for the rest of the day?

This event is part of series of documentary screenings at The Center with the intention to offer our space to initiate community dialogue about spirituality, personal growth and sustainable living.

Tea and popcorn will be provided

Please arrive on time :)