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Frame Drum Workshop and Circle of Remembrance

Frame Drum Workshop and Circle of Remembrance | April 23-24 | 7-8:30PM & 1-5PM

Circle of Remembrance: Weaving, rhythms, songs and interactive invitations with Miranda Rondeau. We sing and play to remember, to give thanks , to honor, and celebrate the Beloved, the Mystery, the Divine, the Ancestors, the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the Water, the Air, life and this amazing human journey that we are on. Commune in Breath, Commune in Voice, Commune in Remembrance. This will be an evening weaved with interconnectivity, spontaneous stories, spontaneous invitations and musical offerings. Bath in the vibrations of world instruments played and fueled from the heart. Ancient sounds of the frame Drums, Harmonium, guitar, and voice.