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Reiki and Restorative

This time around we'll be focusing on opening the Heart space, and our pathway toward ascension the Spine! Clearing space so that our Kundalini can rise and exploring the doorway to our Heart so that we can act in step with loving kindness, with strength and softness.
Our time together will be spent settling in... to our bodies.. to our minds.. and to our hearts; allowing a sense of wholeness, of recognizing and living each moment to its eternal completion. Restorative practice creates a safe and nurturing environment promoting deep, restful release. We build lay-z-boy-esque supports with blankets, bolsters, and blocks so that we can comfortably sink into long held floor postures. We're able to tap into our parasympathetic nervous system, taking us out of our “Fight or Flight” response and into the place of rest and digestion on all levels. Once we're there, “Time” starts to change, the pace of life slows from a rushing river to a gentle stream, and finally becomes a nourishing well from which we can drink, feeling rejuvenated.