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Consciousness Hacking Interactive: It Begins in the Body


CH Interactives are events where the Consciousness Hacking community comes together to deeply connect, play, and explore the relationship between who we are and what we build. There is a growing sense that developing transformative technologies is benefited by our own personal process of transformation. The more we help ourselves, the more we can help others. The CH Interactives will feature world-renowned facilitators, group discussion, and of course, open celebration - all with the intention of deepening our relationship to ourselves and others. The goal is to go beyond a simple mixer, and to deeply support the evolution of this community, so that we can build a future that benefits all of humanity. CH Interactives will be held on a monthly basis, each with a different theme to allow us to more deeply engage with and support each other with specific focuses. This month, we'll be exploring consciousness through the body.