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Full Moon Ceremony

Gathering in ceremony is an ancient ritual that helps us synchronize our human experience with the cycles of nature. Prior to our ceremony I clear the space in the room using Palo Santo, essential oils, and Reiki. When you arrive you will be welcomed by me: Abigail and my dear sound healing partner Emile. Together we will welcome you in love and remove any low vibrating energy from you by smudging you in Palo Santo. Once everyone has settled I will talk a brief moment about where the moon is in transit, and how it affects us for this specific cycle. Next I will guide us through some Pranayam (breath work) and we will tune into our highest vibrating consciousness by sharing our unique vibrations through Mantra (chanting). Next you will be bathed in a symphony of sound as you sit or lie comfortable in your space. After our sound bath you will be guided up where we will join our vibrations by sharing in a call a response vocal release which will celebrate both divine feminine and sacred masculine energy. This Release Ceremony will continue in an array of sounds we unleash from the depths of our spirit. When we are done releasing we will conclude by sealing our ceremony with a blessing.