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Siberian Shamanism - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

Shamanism - is the foundation of all modern religions, science and mysticism. There are many different forms of shamanism exist today on the Earth. Scientists studying ancient cultures found the roots of Siberian shamanism in Australian, African, American, and even Tibetan shamanism and in many modern religions. Shamanism - is a way of communication between human and nature. It has always been since the advent of the World, but also in our day not lost its relevance. Modern people are increasingly resorting to the help of shamans! After all, shamanism reveals the secrets of the ancient art of healing, love and create harmony, success and good luck, happiness and joy. Siberian shamans help people to find their hidden strength, to master super ability and thereby be able to heal themselves and to help all the people of Earth. 

You will learn about Gods of the four worlds in Siberian shamanism. Connect with the Goddess Umai - the Goddess of Present, the Goddess of the material world and gain strength to achieve the goals of healing, material well-being. Umai protects families, women, creating a strong field of protection for all family members.

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