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Learn to Fly : A Masterclass on Arm Balancing

This fun, challenging workshop of arm-balances is designed to teach you how to do arm-balances with greater mindfulness and ease. Students often over-rely on force when working on these poses rather than learning to understand the essential actions and movements. This workshop will help your body understand the mechanics and leverage of arm-balances and make these inspiring poses part of your repertoire. 

We’ll begin with a vigorous, fun 2-hour Vinyasa class emphasizing the cornerstones of successful arm balances: Core, Open Shoulders and Balance; 3 essentials to lift-off. Our final hour finds us exploring arm balances in deeper detail. We’ll learn the essentials to have you soaring into postures such as several Bakasana (crow) variations [regular, side crow, Eka Pada Bakasana I & II, and crow to headstand transition], Firefly, Peacock and more! This is a 3 hour workshop/yoga intensive that explores the foundations of arm balancing, and gives you tips and tricks to get your wings open and your body off the ground. All levels - beginner to advanced - welcome!