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The AcroDude Returns

AcroDance is only the most fun thing ever in the whole world. If you're not a dancer, don't worry, this is AcroDance, so you don't need a dance background, just the desire to move. When you see someone dancing and you're like, "holy crap! What did they just do," that wow move, that's AcroDance. Acrobatic dance moves are applicable to all forms of dance and we have a ride range of styles covered, some are spinny, some flippy, some cartwheely, and all awesome and fun to do! Open to all skill levels and no partner is needed. So come out and AcroDance with us! 

Acropeutics is the healing side of Acroyoga. With the assistance of a partner and Gravity, length is created in the spine, and with gentle assisted twists and bends, real space is created, bringing relief and realignment. This practice is for everyone, big or small, and through proper bone stacking and alignment, we can all give this healing gift to one another.  We will explore basic therapeutic poses, show the little things that make a big difference, as well as advanced variations for those who are ready, so this workshop is for all skill levels, no partner needed, just your beautiful face. So come out for some delicious acropeutics, and bring some healing into your life and the life's of those around you.

Earlier Event: August 19
Full Moon Ceremony