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The Tibetan Bell Experience: A Sound Healing experience with Karma Moffet

Karma has sifted through nearly 3000 bowls over a period of 43 years. His bowls were selected for their purity and clarity of sound, sustained resonance, and harmonic blending or pairing with the other bowls within the set. The bowls are handmade, using from five through seven metals. The Tinsha Cymbals are made of black metal (twelve alloys including meteorite). The varying thickness of the metals produces a variety of tones and harmonics, within each bowl. When the bowls are played in runs or struck in pairs, their harmonics penetrate the physical and subtle bodies of the listeners. Karma's mastery of circular breathing, which he applies to the Longhorn, Native American Flute and Conch Shells, allows him to bring the pure tones of each instrument to the listener in an unbroken stream of sound. The audience relaxes into a natural state of meditation.

Later Event: August 7
Yoga Church