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From Anxiety to Action: Accessing Agency in Uncertain Times

“From Anxiety to Activation: Accessing Agency in Uncertain Times” is an experiential workshop about state change. By bringing awareness and understanding to your instinctive responses to adversity you can cultivate emotional and physical agency and learn how to tap the aliveness within your hopes and fears in support of resilience and social change. 

Through an experiential framework based in somatic psychology, mindfulness, non-dual philosophy and a basic overview of the autonomic nervous system, I will offer discussions, guided meditation, and practices that allow participants to better understand the adaptive function of our more primitive emotions of fear and anger and effectively metabolize the energies of anxiety and angst as catalysts for creative action. Through personal, small group and large group activities, you will also get social support and practical tools that help you access your inherent resources and vision ways to bring them out into the world. This is not just a place to come up with ideas and talk about what we could or should do. This is an opportunity to get real with the direct experience of ourselves and discover what we are truly capable of. My intent is to create an open, respectful and playful container that challenges our growth edges while also providing enough safety to allow for deep learning.