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Intro to Permaculture & Taking Action Locally with Ryan Rising

Permaculture lays out a path for how we can approach our world under the current socio-political and economic climate to re-integrate ourselves into the ecological web of life and cultivate relationships of mutual aid and reciprocity with one another. Sometimes the most direct way to challenge and alter the dominant systems that shape our lives is to directly approach how we create what we need and how we take care of one another. Through the ways we grow our food, access water, build shelter, tend to ecology, craft medicines and make decisions together we can reclaim our lives and translate personal healing into collective healing.

We’ll start with an introduction to permaculture design methods for reweaving ourselves into the natural world symbiotically, and move toward conversations on how we can take action locally. Learn to embrace a hands-on approach to taking action for a more just and regenerative world and more agency over our lives.