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Taoist Sexuality Revealed with Willow Brown (Ladies Only)


Taoist Sexuality Revealed with Willow Brown (Ladies Only) | Oct 15 | 2-5PM | $30

Are you ready to transform your energy and vitality through the exploration of your sexual essence? There are two sides to every coin, including you! Your bio-physical form and your spiritual/emotional form effect each other greatly. Bringing consciousness and a deeper understanding to this connection will unleash a profound sense of love in your heart and open you up to receive more of life's many gifts. You will learn, laugh and expand your perspective on love, sex and relationship in this 2 hour workshop. Sexuality creates new life! What is more powerful than the creation of new life!? Knowing how to harness this power is the key to forever walking a brighter path. With this ancient wisdom you will expand your own inner magic and power.