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How to woo your boo: the Astrology of Attraction

Springtime is around the corner and as it warms up, our senses move from internal to external, we become more social. Whether making new friends or lovers.. attraction is in the air. Ever wonder how to get someone to like you? Your sweetie-pie tactics will not work on an aries. It may work on a cancer, but not right away because they are slow to warm. Your sense of refinement and wit will be very attractive to a virgo. An overly emotional stance will have an aquarius snub you very quickly. 

In this workshop, we are going to go over the ways to have positive interactions with the 12 astrology signs. 
How to dress, how to act, how to conversate... Understanding these archetypes gives a heads up for navigating your way through the unique and complex world of people. 

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