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Find Your Kali Power

Are you as powerful as you can be? Do you feel your Feminine Power rising within you? Or do you hold yourself back from being powerful? Big? A force in the world? Women all over the planet are rising into and stepping into their power. Are you feeling called to do the same?

This workshop is for you if you hold yourself back, make yourself small, don’t speak your truth, please, caretake, or rescue others instead of owning and expressing your needs, feel powerful in a masculine way but not from your Feminine power center, think your power is too aggressive, dominating, or threatening to others and/or have had parents and family who didn’t model power in healthy ways. In this workshop, we work with Kali, the Indian goddess, archetype, and teacher of Power. She is the Feminine Force. Pure. Unapologetic. True. She is “Destroyer of fears”, “Desire”, “Merciful one”, and “Destroyer of evil.”