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Empathic Leaders Rise: Tea & Talk

Empathic Leaders Rise: Tea & Talk | April 24 | 7:30-9PM | Free

Have you gone through life feeling misunderstood? You are not weak, fragile or flawed — you simply pick up on the things that not everyone else does. Building walls and numbing out is not the solution. Empathy is a skill and a gift if you learn how to use it! When you connect to the strength of your heart and the power of your will, you become an unwavering force. This is an ongoing healing journey of learning to stand in your power and share your gifts to make an influence.

Join us for a casual gathering to sip on some tea at the Center SF. In hopes of growth and expansion, come meet caring, passionate, big-hearted individuals to share your unique perspective. 

We will start with a mini-grounding meditation and introduce ourselves. Let's ease into the week with some authentic connection.