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Intimate Screening: Ignition - Souls of San Francisco

Intimate Screening: Ignition - Souls of San Francisco | April 26 | 7-10PM | Free

We want to continue spreading this light and energy and create space for people to engage and connect around the film's message. So we're putting on a smaller screening to foster meaningful interaction and discussion.Dijon, the creator of SOULS of Society, will lead a group discussion after the film to explore ideas around community, cultivating energy, and how we can shape our world.

The magic in Dijon’s photography comes from the positive energetic force that he consciously cultivates and radiates. This light is there, reflected back, in the eyes of each individual he photographs. His project, "SOULS of Society", has connected hundreds of thousands of people in a growing community of empathy, openness, and awakening. This documentary follows Dijon and some of the people his project has touched, delving beyond his photographs to the heart of what he’s been called to do.

FREE with RSVP on Eventbrite. Very limited seating so reserve your spot now!