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Contact Improv Fundamentals Workshop

Contact Improv Fundamentals Workshop | May 13 | 2-5PM | $20

I hear a similar story from a lot of beginning contact dancers: You see some people on a dance floor doing some crazy connective, acrobatic, intimate dance, and you're spellbound. You think to yourself: what *is* that? You ask someone and they tell you it's contact improvisation. So you check out a class or two, you try dancing with some people at ecstatic dance, but it's challenging, scary, and awkward. It doesn't quite click. At this workshop, our goal will be to help you make it click.

We'll cover fundamental contact improv techniques in detail, both from an experiential perspective ("notice how it feels") and a technical perspective ("put your foot right there"). You'll walk away with a practical toolkit of skills that you can practice and apply the next time you dance. We'll have teaching assistants on hand to ensure that every student gets personalized instruction. We'll also discuss and practice starting/ending dances and other social aspects of contact improv, which can be intimidating to new dancers who are still learning the etiquette and norms of the dance. At the end of the workshop, we'll have an open jam so you can practice the new skills you've learned in a freeform dance.