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RootFlute Sound Journey with Cacao and Yoga Nidra


RootFlute Sound Journey with Cacao and Yoga Nidra | May 17 | 7-10PM | $25-$30

Please join us on a deep subconscious journey within a safe and activated container. This hypnotic sound journey, will begin with Ceremonial grade organic Guatemalan Cacao. Participants will be guided into a lucid state with Yoga Nidra. This offering will be performed by Daniel Hansen. Participants have experienced, visionary dreamscapes, lucid dream state meditations, remembrances and reconnections of self, deep emotional processing, and other healing experiences. The entire soundscape is rooted in C# Sharp 432 Hz at the Ohm tone of 136.1 Hz.

The RootFlute Sound Journey includes Hansen’s self-made multi-chamber Flutes, 10 Tibetan singing bowls, overtone plate bell, didgeridoo, Arabian antler clarinet, antler saxophone, swing chimes, Viola and entire array of percussion.