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Yoga for Restoring Joy: Breathe, Laugh, Stretch and Release

Yoga for Restoring Joy: Breathe, Laugh, Stretch and Release | May 19 | 7-10PM | $25-$30

Connect with a natural sense of joy, pleasure and ease in your body, heart and mind through a unique fusion of gentle asana, meditation and Laughter Yoga. We’ll take a break from the seriousness of city life and current events while enjoying an evening full of playfulness and lightness, restoring our innate ability to be happy, peaceful and connected. 

Laughter taps our inner well of joy and connects us with others like nothing else. Most of us love to laugh, but many of us don’t do it enough or are dependent on funny movies or other forms of comedy to stimulate laughter. Laughter Yoga liberates us from this dependency and offers the freedom to laugh anywhere at anytime, gaining numerous mental, emotional and physiological benefits, almost instantly. Simple and fun Laughter Yoga exercises surface our innate child-like playfulness and help us access unconditional laughter, while offering the opportunity to form stronger social bonds, feeling a deeper heart connection to all beings.