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Root of Diagnosis in Tibetan Medicine


Root of Diagnosis in Tibetan Medicine | May 20-21 | 9AM–5PM

TTM Theory Part 3 of 4

Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) is one of the oldest healing traditions in existence, yet it remains fully alive in the modern world. It offers a vast medical knowledge that is accessible to everyone, and supports the cultivation of a happy mind along with a healthy body.

In this workshop, we will study the fundamental principles of TTM diagnosis presented in the Root Tantra. This includes the basic approaches of inspection (of the tongue and urine), palpation (of the pulse), and dialogue with the patient, each according to the three nyepa. We will also develop a working understanding of constitutional typology based on the three nyepa, and will consider how TTM diagnosis compares and contrasts with diagnostic approaches used in modern medicine.

This workshop establishes the theoretical basis for the practical diagnosis techniques taught in FTTM 2.1–2.2.

Intro to TTM: Mar 25–26 | Root of Health & Disease: Apr 22–23 | Root of Diagnosis: May 20–21 | TTM Spirituality: Jun 30 | Practical Diagnosis: Jul 1–4 | Root of Treatment: Aug 12–13 | TTM Treatment: TBA