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San Francisco Tantric Soul Sex Play-Shop

San Francisco Tantric Soul Sex Play-Shop | May 6 | 6–9PM | $50 for couple

Are you a mystic looking to go deeper into the universe, yourself and your lover? This is an experience like no other! It focuses on the metaphysical aspects of connection and sensuality. Explore creating a mystical connection with your partner, experiencing them on a deep energetic level, and making love on a luminous and magical plain of awareness deep in the essence of the universe! 

There's nothing sexier than being fully alive inside and present in the higher dimensional realms of light with someone your really into. If this is the kind of thing that turns you on - this is definitely for you!

You will see energy as light, color, past lives, shifting multidimensional reality, and experience these facets of your partner. There is nothing better than making love in the realms of light! This play-shop takes you through how to generate this energy and go into these altered states with your lover!