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Sound Oasis with Loriel Starr

Sound Oasis with Loriel Starr | June 17 | 7-9PM | $30

SOUND OASIS is a sound healing journey that is deeply restorative and rejuvenating. Experience deep relaxation, connect with well-being and feel greater self attunement as you bathe in sound vibrations that bring clearing, balancing and harmonization to your body, mind and spirit.

As you rest comfortably (either lying down or seated), you will hear and feel the vibrant overtones, healing frequencies and dynamic soundscapes of an extraordinary ensemble of over 40 crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Planetary Gongs and an assortment of ancestral sound healing instruments. Sound Oasis is a magical sound bath experience that offers easy access to the inner peace and self-connection of deep meditative states.

Later Event: June 18
Kirtan! Myth, Mantra, Music