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Kirtan! Myth, Mantra, Music


Kirtan! Myth, Mantra, Music | June 18 | 6:30-8:30PM | Suggested Donation: $20

One Sunday a month we gather for a captivating and enlivening evening of chanting and storytelling. Kirtan is a form of chanting handed to us via the Bhakti Yoga tradition. Bhakti Yoga is the 'yoga of devotion' aiming for the center of the heart. It's purpose is to soften the heart, calm the mind, and build community. If you've ever spoken or sung 'OM' you have chanted.

In addition to Kirtan Robin will be sharing the myths and stories behind the chants offered. These stories are so beautiful and deeply woven with imagery meant to inspire, illuminate, and awaken the spiritual knowledge inherent in all people.

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