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Crystalline Sound Bath

Crystalline Sound Bath | June 24 | 8-9:30PM | $12 – $45.50

We are pleased to be hosting world renowned sound healer and holistic instructor, Jaime Lu, at The Center SF. This is an opportunity to recenter, balance, and activate love and light within yourself through Jaime's technique of using crystal singing bowls, her voice, and her shared wisdom on healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Sound baths are scientifically proven to change the brain state to a conducive wave that supports an inner silence and stillness called the "theta state" where one can meet and listen to the Light and Grace within. People whom meditate with sound healing frequencies can easily access the experience of inner peace and help the body to free blocked vital energy.

Blankets, yoga mats and chairs will be provided. Please bring your own additional cushions to ensure your comfortability.