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Fascia Alchemy: Moving Beyond Our Patterns

Fascia Alchemy: Moving Beyond Our Patterns | July 15 | 2-5PM | $30

How our bodies are shaped reflects of all the positions we have put ourselves into throughout our lives as well as the thoughts we think moment by moment. It’s an intricate dance revealing the relationship between our bodies and minds, which at first seem mysterious until we can see the patterns. Fascia, the collagenous web, that links our movements, our posture and our belief systems can be reorganized through an understanding of these patterns, or energy pathways.

In this class we will first explore the natural alignments, that can be found through stretching the fascial with care while activating energy flow. These “stretches” will directly support any yoga practice while encouraging healthful re-patterning of movement as well as our mind. Then we will break out finding the natural rebound that allows us to activate and sync our body as well as our emotions through moving in natural organic poses to discover your true source of power. This combination of body awareness and expression are the two of the strongest ways to change your posture as well as how you think.