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The Body as a Wave


The Body as a Wave | Feb 10 | 6-9PM | $33-$35

Transform your movement practice. In this workshop we will dive into connecting to our primal nature out of which we find greater connectivity to ourselves while deepening inter-relatedness to our environment. We will create a foundation for exploration with precise stretches designed to release movement potential held in “dense accumulated fascia”. These fascial shifts create incredible space to explore and reclaim our bodies. We will also use our voice and specific vibrations to access our spontaneous ability to move “from the inside out.” This capacity, called “self-referencing,” is a vital nutrient we need to access greater adaptability in these tumultuous times. This workshop is perfect for the curious mover who wants to deepen and expand embodied consciousness--those who love yoga, qi gong, or dance. Ultimately, this is a celebration of what is possible when we become attuned to the wisdom of the earth moving through the body.