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Moving from Trauma to Light


Moving from Trauma to Light  | Jan 7 | 6-9PM | $25-$30

Moving from Trauma to Light is an embodiment journey through dance, visualization, meditation and breath-work. We dance together to move away from the false stories we’ve taken on as our own, and move authentically into liberation. Here, the dance floor is home. Our intention focuses on the transmutation of traumas lodged in the body, whether these be distinct traumatic events, or subtle accumulations of negative thought patterns that cause our energetic bodies to close and tighten over the course of our lives. With authentic dance, we begin to acknowledge, honor and move these stagnant energies higher as we soar deeper into knowing ourselves. By unifying thorough understanding of cellular biology, and various meditation, breath-work and authentic dance techniques the Kaia Method works dynamically and directly with the body - our trusted source of wisdom - to transform pain into empowerment, break down limiting beliefs, release past and present traumas, and connect to our deeper awareness far beyond the mind.