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Could your Love Life Use a Boost?


Could your Love Life Use a Boost? | Oct 18 | 7:30-9:30PM | $15

Bringing Romance, Passion & Turn-on back into Everyday life!

Is your love-life on life support? Nowadays many people find themselves distracted from or not able to fully enjoy loving turned-on relationships. Difficulties from the recent or far past can impact our ability to lovingly connect with others and form juicy romantic relationships. On top of that is how hectic modern life can be pulling you out of your heart and into your head.

Oct 18th Erwan and Alicia will cover exactly what you can do about it. They have been teaching singles and couples how to create and thrive in loving relationships for a combined 40 years. They are married, have a family and their love life is better than ever. What is their secret?