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Love & Lust For Queer Men


Love & Lust For Queer Men | Nov 14 | 7-10PM | $35

As gay and queer men, we have so many places that we can go in order to connect over our love of sex. We have sex parties, hookup apps, sex-centered formal events, clubs, bathhouses, and more. In the Bay Area, we are fortunate to have the freedom to explore our personal limits. Even though sex is central to our culture and connections with other men, we can often feel like something is missing. We don’t have as many places to connect with each other about our journeys and about what we are really going through on the inside. We can feel so torn between our desire to have really hot sex and our desire to be close to someone special, as if it’s a tradeoff. There are very specific reasons why sex and love are often split for us in our communities, and the awesome thing is, we can bring it back together!