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Plant Allies for Shadow work


Plant Allies for Shadow work | Dec 17 | 7-9PM | $30

This class will take you on a journey within your soul. The shadow represents the darker aspects within, the parts of us that the conscious mind often chooses to ignore. The shadow within us holds trauma, fear, and self doubt. So why address it? Because when we go into the darkness, feel, process, and move through it we can experience more light than ever imaginable. Yule also known as Winter Solstice is near and this is a great time of year to do this inner work. This Solstice represents a time of reflection, looking within and processing so we can prepare to plant our seeds of intention in the coming months. Doing Shadow Work can help bring awareness into who we are, resulting in inspirations, soul purpose, growing edges, and excitement! This work can challenge our limits and having plant allies during this process to can be incredibly supportive. Please bring a journal, pen, and 7 dollars for amulet making supplies.