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Synesthesia: Art, Love & Science


Synesthesia: Art, Love & Science | Feb 3 | 6-8PM | $18

Synesthesia is the cross-sensory experience known to many as "mirror touch" for those who feel what others feel, as well as the fantastical color/number combo whereby numbers, letters, words, and even people elicit shades and hues of a spectrum of colors. At this groundbreaking cross-disciplinary event, The Neurodiversity Project's Jenara Nerenberg, a science and innovation journalist for outlets like Fast Company and The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, will host renowned neurologist and author (and synesthete), Joel Salinas -- the 34-yr-old writer behind the new book, Mirror Touch. Joining him is the artist Portrait XO, the LA-based artist and singer-songwriter who has collaborated with Salinas on an interactive installation for this event.

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