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Masculinity 2.0: A Men's Dialogue Series, Session 1 - #metoo


Masculinity 2.0: A Men's Dialogue Series, Session 1 - #metoo | Mar 29 | 6:30-9PM | $25

This event is for humans who identify as men. Please share with folks who you think might be interested. 
'Conscious’ or not, ‘embodied’ or not, in your heart or in your head. There is space for you to share what you really think, to mess up and not be cast out, or avoided. This gathering is not about the performance of being a good man or ‘embodying the divine masculine’, displaying your social justice expertise, or wearing any of our usual masks, however righteous. AND we all struggle to take the mask off. We still welcome you.

We'll creatively explore the topic for the evening using a few fun and engaging approaches. In later part of the evening, using our group intelligence we will workshop/mastermind one participant's current challenge, question, issue or opportunity as it relates to the topic.