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Reimagine Festival: Death Meditation & "When the Fall Comes"

Reimagine End of Life is a week exploring big questions about life and death. Join the City of San Francisco in a community-wide conversation. See the list of events held at The Center SF below or go to Let's Reimagine for the full list of city wide offerings.

Death Meditation: If Today was Your Last Day | April 19 | 3:30-5PM | Free

Tomorrow is not promised, yet we walk through our lives delaying dreams, not speaking Truth, playing it safe, and staying asleep. Not anymorefor today, we will taste the potency of our own death. Inspired by Ana Forrest's Death Meditation, we will journey deep into meditation and guided journaling to uncover our heart's longing and questions we've avoided too long. Together, we will unveil the blueprint for your new life. This powerful practice will transform you. Please bring a journal, a pen, and a photo of a passed loved one.

'When the Fall Comes' Film Screening and Creative Response Workshop | Apr 19 | 7-9:30PM | $20-$25

Join Adriana Marchione, filmmaker, arts therapist and educator for a special screening of her documentary short, 'When the Fall Comes' followed by an experiential arts workshop inviting responses to grief through the language of creativity. Marchione brings 20 years of experience to her creative work that includes an expressive arts practice in San Francisco. She teaches internationally with a special focus supporting people who have struggled with addiction, trauma and grief. When the Fall Comes, chronicles Adriana's personal story moving through grief by using dance, poetry and a performance piece to illustrate her healing process. The film weaves through vivid landscapes of the San Francisco Bay Area, Argentine tango dancing, performance moments and poignant interviews focused on grief and the arts.