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Reimagine Festival: Writing Your Grief, My Lasting Letters, & Begin Again

Reimagine End of Life is a week exploring big questions about life and death. Join the City of San Francisco in a community-wide conversation. See the list of events held at The Center SF below or go to Let's Reimagine for the full list of city wide offerings.


Writing Your Grief: getting to the story behind the story | Apr 18 | 2-5:00PM | $20-$28

Grief has a big story to tell. Do you want to find the words to tell that story, but aren't sure how to start? How do you use language to point to something beyond words? Grief and loss aren't new. Some might argue that grief is at the heart of every story line. But when the grief is your own, its harder to find the right words. This three hour workshop provides an introduction to different ways of entering the story that is more than a story. Using prompts, timed writing, and group discussion of published prose on grief, well explore the relationship between words on the page and words in your heart. This is a generative workshop you'll come away with several short pieces, full of seed pods to grow into larger works. Please note: while well be writing into emotional territory, this workshop is not therapy. Requirements: engagement, a story to tell, and a willingness to share. All levels of writers are welcome.

MY LASTING LETTERS Workshop | Apr 18 | 5:30-7:30PM | $16-$20

A Lasting Letter is a letter written to someone you care about, someone who you wish to hear your voice and read your words long into the future. With all the technologies we've invented, there is still nothing that replaces paper and the magic of the contemporaneous note. Each letter is unique, each voice and each intention is different. A letter can be a memento, a statement of values, a guided instruction, a story, a love letter for all time, and more. People write to children, to grandchildren, to spouses, to friends. The process is fluid. The process of writing the letter is as resonant as it is to receive such a letter. Join me and see.

Begin Again: A Moving Inquiry | Apr 18 | 7:30-9:30PM | $20-$25

After loss, how do you begin again? Begin again to listen to your body, your breath and your heartbeat. Let them guide you in this free form movement practice where we explore being present and open, paying attention to the impulse to move and to rest, giving your body the space to dance its own aliveness. We wake up alone and together as physical bodies in motion, breathing, shaking, flowing, dancing, living and dying moment to moment. Follow your own whimsical curiosity and be inspired by the music and movement around you, as no other experience is needed.