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Reimagine Festival: Grief Medicine & Drum Circle

Reimagine End of Life is a week exploring big questions about life and death. Join the City of San Francisco in a community-wide conversation. See the list of events held at The Center SF below or go to Let's Reimagine for the full list of city wide offerings.


Grief Medicine: Yoga and Sound Healing for Transformation | Apr 20 | 3-5:30 PM | $36-$45

Come join Amy Hyun Swart and Amber Field for an afternoon of energizing and nourishing yoga + movement, sound healing, and expressive arts to support you in acknowledging, accepting, and attending to whatever has brought your heart to the place of being broken. Whether your grief is surviving the loss of a loved one, a relationship breakup, or something else that brings you to a state of bereavement, this workshop was created just for you. Movement, breathing techniques, creative expression tools, and sound exercises will help you learn to manage the heavy emotions of loss. Together we will dip into a sound bath while doing gentle and restorative yoga to ease the grieving heart and explore creative ways to contact, express and move. Join us in a circle of non-judgement and kindness as we honor loss in its many shapes and forms. By coming together in community, we can make space for ourselves and each other to process and transform our individual grief, together. Please bring a journal, something to write with, and an object of significance for the grief altar. Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.


Indigenous Drum Circle and Wiping of the Tears Ceremony | Apr 20 | 7:30-9:45 PM | Donation based

We gather in Sacred Circle to acknowledge and palpably connect with the Ancestors and to perform a traditional Wiping of the Tears Ceremony to express and release grief and to remember those who have Journeyed Home.

Shamanism is the most ancient Path known and traversed by humanity for the acquisition of wisdom, knowledge and healing for one's community, nation, planet and self. Via the vehicles of Indigenous song, movement, prayer and music, we journey to and explore landscapes and Sacred geographies that traditional peoples from diverse cultures have frequented for millennia.