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Reimagine Festival: Empathy Bootcamp & Kundalini

Reimagine End of Life is a week exploring big questions about life and death. Join the City of San Francisco in a community-wide conversation. See the list of events held at The Center SF below or go to Let's Reimagine for the full list of city wide offerings.


Empathy Bootcamp Hosted By Help Each Other Out | April 17 | 7-10PM | FREE

Most of us make reaching out to people experiencing loss, illness, divorce, and any range of difficulties harder than it has to be. We teach empathy skills and conversational dos and don'ts so you feel prepared to comfort friends, colleagues, and family who are suffering. Our approach is grounded in social science but delivered with humor and heart.


Kundalini Yoga ~ Death Medicine | April 17 | 8:15-9:45PM | $15-$18

Death’s medicine can awaken us to our ephemeral nature and open our hearts to love. Aging, death, and loss can be the seed of a positive and illuminating transformation in our life. During this meditative practice, you will be guided in Kundalini breathwork, kriya, and sound healing. We will open the heart, cross the hour of death, and journey into the unknown through our undying spirit.