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Doing Harm & Unrest w/ Maya Dusenbery & Jen Brea


Doing Harm & Unrest w/ Maya Dusenbery & Jen Brea | June 2 | 6:30-8:30PM | $25

Maya Dusenbery and Jen Brea are two celebrated literary and film professionals speaking out about the heart-breaking state of women and medicine -- Dusenbery is editor of and author of Doing Harm: The Truth About How Bad Medicine and Lazy Science Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed, and Sick and Jen Brea is the activist, filmmaker, and subject behind the award-winning documentary, UNREST (

Join these two women for a powerful conversation on medicine, women, science, research, storytelling, and actionable change. This event will SELL OUT and attendees are encouraged to register EARLY. Topics to be addressed include CFS/ME, Lyme, RA, other autoimmune issues, vulvodynia, mental health, navigating the medical system, overhauling research funding priorities, medical school interventions, and more.