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Dragon Medicine: A Journey of Healing and Revelation

Dragon Medicine: A Journey of Healing and Revelation | July 22 | 6-9PM | $25-$100

Philosopher-poet Richard Power will share his latest work, "I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans." A ninety minute adventure in psyche and soma: breath, sound, movement and meditation interwoven with readings and teachings. Drawing on the magical powers of seven beasts, in the shadow of the dark goddess, we will journey together into the wilderness of healing and revelation. "I, the Dragon" is a treasure map of previously uncharted territory, a medicine pouch for leaning forward into the Great Shift that we must undertake if our species is to evolve, a book of spells offering occult knowledge and powerful techniques for deepening your intimate relationship with the Mysterium itself. "I, the Dragon" is not only the story of a life-long journey into mystic, it is also partly a political, ecological, geopolitical and cultural history of the last six decades. In the throes of Planetary Emergency, we celebrate Life and lean forward. we will journey together, we will share Dragon Medicine.