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Restorative Yoga with Live Music and Massage


Restorative Yoga with Live Music and Massage | August 5 | 7-9PM | $30-$35

Join us for a beautiful evening of restorative yoga + live music + a room lit by candlelight, led by yoga teacher Neha Panchal accompanied by sound healer Madhu Anizani and bodyworker Kara Morton. The blend of supported poses, gentle yoga, breath awareness and guided meditation will gently encourage your body to open and your mind to release. The poses are held for 8- 10 minutes, fully supported with props, combined with breath work and healing touch, so that you can completely relax and rest. Live improvised waveforms with healing intention played by Madhu Anizani will accompany your yoga journey. Come treat yourself to this deliciously restful practice and leave feeling completely renewed.