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Mar 27 | 7-10PM | Suggested Donation $40-$50 Please PayPall:

Join Xochitl Ashe 5th generation Peruvian Medicine Woman as she guides us through developing a new and deeper connection with this sacred medicine, Cacao and Cannabis, in ceremony. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis user or have never tried this plant medicine before, these teachings will be transformative in your relationship to the spirit and plant world and most importantly yourself.

About the Plant Medicines:
We will be serving a ceremonial grade cacao drink and mixing the energies of the teacher plants to open our hearts and dive in to deep transformative work. It is time for your heart to BLOOM!

Cacao: Is served in the traditional Peruvian way. We use ceremonial grade cacao from ancient heirloom trees of the Amazon jungle of Ecuador.

Cannabis: Cannabis can be tricky to work with spiritually. For many, even most of us, there’s a learning curve in finding out how to skillfully benefit from the cannabis plant as a spiritual ally. A number of factors can influence the short and long term spiritual effects of cannabis: dosage, strain, frequency of use, attitude toward the plant, the specific setting, one’s state of mind. We will be sharing a beautiful vaporizer (You must be 21 years old to partake).

What to bring:
+ A water bottle
+ Cushion for sitting
+ Comfortable clothes
+ Journal and pen

Please PayPall:
*Refunds up to 1 day in advance*

When Xochitl (So-chil) Kusikuy Ashe was 16 years old she became the first female of five generations of men to be initiated into the healing traditions of her Peruvian shamanic lineage. She is a Medicine Woman in the Andean tradition and Pipe Carrier in the Mexica tradition. Xochitl is a teacher of ancestral healing, a trauma informed healer and mentors individuals to radically transform their relationship with themselves and build a solid connection to the wisdom of Pachamama (mother earth).

She facilitates Dive into Abundance- an online program which is a morning practice that has reached hundreds of people all over the world and awakened them to the having an earth-based conscious approach to money in their lives. She is the facilitator of Shamanic Ceremonies, Traditional Cacao and Sacred Cannabis Ceremonies, and Women’s Circles. She has been a teacher and guide for individuals and groups in workshops and one and one sessions in the U.S and internationally for the past 20 years.

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