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Yoga Sound Bath with Yvonne Kingsley and Amber Field

Yoga Sound Bath with Yvonne Kingsley and Amber Field | April 12 | 7:30-9:30PM | $30

Come bathe in a yoga sound bath! Yvonne will lead you through a beautiful mellow flow followed by restorative poses. Throughout, Amber Field will immerse you in a sound bath with Shamanic drumming, tanpura, hapi drum, chanting, angelic singing, flute, and didgeridoo. Sound has the ability to retune your body, organs, and cells and put you in a higher vibration. Receive a didgeridoo sound healing over your heart. Throughout the practice, Yvonne will guide you to connect with your breath while Amber's grounding and ethereal music will help you get in the love frequency. We will open and close with chanting to open our hearts together. Toning will be encouraged during some of the poses to help further open the body and chakras. This experience is nourishing, healing, and rejuvenating! Come experience the bliss of yoga and sound!